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ARMOROC® is a structural cement board (cement bonded particle board - CBPB) used in the construction of fire-rated roofs, floors, walls and a variety of other applications including modular, SIPS & OEM. By combining the physical properties of Portland Cement with the strength of mineralized wood fibers, ARMOROC® is ideally suited for all applications where durability and fire-resistance are a concern.

  • Doubletree Hotel Structural Cement Board
  • Armoroc Structural Cement Board Roof
  • Armoroc Structural Cement Board Roof Panels
  • Armoroc Cement Bonded Particleboard Tsongas Arena Platform

ARMOROC® Key Benefits

  • Structural:  Span-rated up to 24” on center supports, shear diaphragm available
  • Fire Resistant: ‘Class A’ per UL 723 / ASTM E84 (0 Flame / 0 Smoke)
  • UL Assemblies:  UL Floor & UL Roof Assemblies
  • UL & ULC Classified:  File# R25825
  • Noncombustible:  Per ASTM E136
  • MEA Approved:  NYC MEA# 409-07-M for use as noncombustible decking/sheathing
  • Mold/Fungus Resistant:  Does not support mold/fungus growth
  • Moisture Resistant:  Resistant to weather, freeze/thaw & standing water
  • Termite/Vermin Resistant:  Provides no food value to insects/vermin
  • Impact & Abuse Resistant:  Made from durable Portland Cement
  • Acoustic Performance: STC ranging from 56-60, IIC ranging from 33-62
  • Workability:  Installs quickly using standard carpentry tools and equipment
  • Dimensionally Stable: Excellent resistance to dimensional changes.
  • Environmentally Friendly:  Composed of post-industrial materials, no added HCFC's/VOC's, formaldehyde or asbestos
  • LEED Credits:  MR Credit 4, EQ Credit 3, EQ Credit 4

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ARMOROC® Features

  • 10-YEAR manufacturer's warranty
  • Available in 4’ x 8’
  • Custom sheet sizes available up to 4’ x 10’ sheets (special order)
  • Thicknesses available from 5/16” to 1-1/2”
  • Interlocking tongue & groove edge available on 2 sides (4 sides special order)
  • Available with or without factory sealer on all 6 sides
  • Custom fabrications available (ideal for OEM)
  • Available across the USA through strategically located distribution centers.

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ARMOROC® Applications

  • Floors
    • Structurally span-rated up to 24” on-center supports
    • UL Fire-Rated Floor Assemblies on Steel / Wood Joists
    • 1 & 2-hour fire-rated floor/ceiling assemblies (1-layer of gypsum board)
    • Shear diaphragm designs available (with and without glue)
    • Installs using standard carpentry tools and equipment (single trade installation)
    • Lightweight, cost-friendly alternative to pouring concrete
    • Accepts traditional floor finishes such as hardwood, tile, carpet and more
    • Ideal for areas where pouring concrete is difficult (mezzanines, catwalks, tiered seating, platforms, etc.)
  • Roofs
    • Durability of Portland Cement on a sloped roof
    • UL Fire-Rated Roof Assemblies (1 & 1-1/2 hour): P523 & P526
    • Accepts roofing shingles, metal roofing, slate, tile & more
    • Eliminate code issues w/ FRT plywood
    • Can be exposed during construction without compromising fire rating
    • Reduce sprinkler requirements and insurance costs
    • Use for fascia & soffit panels, parapet walls.
  • Walls
    • Excellent for interior & exterior walls, partitions, curtain walls, fire-stops & more
    • Great substrate for exterior finish & trim material
    • Abuse resistant

ARMOROC® is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as:

  • OEM
    • Precision fabrication services available
    • Stair Treads
    • Furniture / Planters
    • Backer-Boards
    • Hearthpads / Oven Liners / Hoods
    • Limitless
  • Modular
    • School Classrooms
    • Hospitals
    • Cellular Towers / Equipment Shelters
    • Emergency Housing / Shelters
    • Mezzanines
  • Cooling Towers
  • SIPS
    • Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS)
    • Skin-system for SIPS
    • Available in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm thicknesses
    • Easily finishes / Bonds easily
  • Access Flooring
    • Installs & Fabricates Easily
    • Custom cutting available
    • Highly fire resistant
  • Panelized Systems
    • Panelized Walls, Floors, Roofs
    • Lightweight sheathing
    • Abuse Resistant
    • Ideal for walls, roofs & floors

Additionally: Ceiling Panels, Ducting & Service Areas, Bathroom Stalls & Wet Areas, Countertops, Moulding, Trim & more.

The applications are limitless: Schools, Assisted Living Facilities, Multi-Story Residential, Auditoriums, Mezzanines, Hospitals, Industrial, Modular, Libraries, Universities, Dormitories, Parapet Walls, Correctional, Airports, Sound Barriers, Hotels, Transportation, Prefabricated Panels, Roofs, Walls, Floors, Fire-Rated Assemblies, OEM, SIPS, Access Flooring, Catwalks, etc.

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Tech Docs

Downloadable Technical Documents

    • UL L567 - (1 Hour) 3/4" Armoroc directly over Marino/WARE JoistRite
    • UL L580 - (1 Hour) 3/4" Armoroc directly over Marino/WARE JoistRite
    • UL L564 - (1 Hour) 3/4" Armoroc directly over ClarkDietrich TradeReady
    • UL M511 - (1 Hour) 3/4" Armoroc over metal deck over iSpan
    • UL M515 - (1 Hour) 3/4" Armoroc directly over iSpan
    • UL M502 - (1 Hour) 3/4" Armoroc directly over Wood TJI (System 8)
    • UL M506 - (1 Hour) 3/4" Armoroc directly over Wood TJI (System 8)
    • UL P523- (1 & 1.5 Hour) 3/4" Armoroc roof sheathing over metal trusses
    • UL P526- (1 & 1.5 Hour) 3/4" Armoroc roof sheathing over metal trusses
    • Armoroc Shear Diaphragm with glue: Ultimate Shear = 1,703 PLF
    • Armoroc Shear Diaphragm without glue:  Ultimate Shear = 1,000.50 PLF
    • Download complete test report here:
    • Important notes about our diaphragm design:
      • Addendum A (page 25) has the test results including the glue.
      • To comply with the Armoroc UL & MEA fire-rated assemblies, which do not include any glue, we have tested the shear diaphragm without glue in the joints.  Always check that your fire-rated assembly is in agreement with your diaphragm design regarding glue where applicable. 
      • We are publishing the ultimate shear value, providing the engineer the opportunity to apply the appropriate safety factor required for wind / seismic based on the preferred method of load calculation for each project.

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