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Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB) in the US

The Cement Bonded Particle Board (CBPB) market in the US has grown considerably over the past 15 years. It was first introduced on a large scale in the 1990's to be used in applications such as structural fire-rated floors, roofs, walls, soffits, ceilings, and was soon incorporated into OEM & pre-fabricated products such as Access Floors, SIPS, Equipment Shelters & Modular Buildings. As demand increased, the market for these products continued to grow into the 21st century and there is an estimated ±8 million square feet of cement-bonded particle board being installed annually in the United States. This number is expected to increase as awareness & acceptance for these products continues to develop throughout the country.

Although the history of CBPB in the United States only dates back about 2 decades, it has been used extensively abroad for over 60 years (specifically Europe). The international market for cement bonded particle board dwarfs that of the United States, and there is a long track record of successful projects. As CBPB proves itself here in the United States praises from architects, engineers, contractors, owner/developers and manufacturers are stimulating new interest & specifications. The key factor behind this growth is simple, Cement Bonded Particle Board is a strong, durable panel that offers an affordable & easy solution to traditionally more expensive/complicated methods of fire-resistant construction.

Some of the specific benefits of CBPB as a component are it's extreme resistance to fire, mold, mildew, fungus, termites, vermin, abuse, weather, moisture, standing water, variations in temperature & humidity, freeze/thaw cycling, workability and sound. These properties have been tested to various standards (including UL & ASTM to name a few) at testing labs around the country/globe.

There are many advantages to Structural Cement Board over traditional methods of construction utilized in the United States. For example, when installing Armoroc CBPB as a structural floor deck in lieu of poured concrete & metal deck you are (1) cutting between 15 & 20 lbs/sf in weight. This may allow reductions in structural support framing and foundation material requirements, (2) eliminating height since 3/4" thick CBPB is replacing 4" of poured concrete and (3) eliminating the wet-trade including concrete trucks, pumps, curing time, temporary heating & specialty labor. CBPB offers a cost advantage to poured concrete and installs just like plywood (by carpenters using standard carpentry tools & equipment). Once it's installed, it's ready to finish. Not only are you saving money, but it installs faster, easier, and is environmentally friendly (green).

Other applications where CBPB offers advantages is for use as a structural roof deck in lieu of built-up roofing systems using multiple layers of metal deck, insulation, and a nail-base for your roofing finish. You can install a single layer of Structural Cement Board to your metal trusses and your ready to install your shingles, slate, metal roofing, etc.

These are just a couple examples of how construction in the United States is benefiting from the use of CBPB. More and more projects & manufacturing facilities are incorporating this versatile and beneficial product into their design. With specifications and awareness on the rise there is a strong future for Cement Bonded Particle Board in the foreseeable future in United States construction.

For more information on Cement Bonded Particle Board please visit the Armoroc product page for specifications & testing data. You can also request information and samples of Armoroc here.

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