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Skilled Care Facility:  Roof

This 302 bed facility turned to Armoroc to help meet the building code requirements of their roof assembly. 

  • Skilled Care Aerial Armoroc Roof
  • Skilled Care Entry
  • Skilled Care Progress Shot Armoroc Roof
  • Skilled Care Armoroc Roof Assembly
  • Skilled Care Armoroc Roof Assembly
  • Skilled Care Finished Armoroc Roof with Shingles
  • Armoroc Finished Shingle Roof

Skilled Care Assisted Living Facility:  Armoroc Roof

This project consists of a new 300 bed skilled care assisted living facilty.  50,000 sf of 3/4" Armoroc was installed as part of a UL listed fire-rated roof assembly specified to comply with the building code requirements for fire-resistance in assisted living facilties. 

Armoroc eliminated the need for an expensive built up roof assembly, and allowed the builders to use installation and finishing methods similar to plywood saving on time and costs while achieving the look of a traditional sloped shingled roof. 

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